Find Security and Freedom from Fear with Perfect Love

Women are often taught to find their security and a sense of belonging in sources they can see: people, position, possessions. But those sources provide relief that is temporary at best.

Only one source can give us everlasting rest for our souls, and his name is Jesus. The Bible often compares believers’ relationship with Christ to the marriage relationship. This shows Jesus’ desire for a deep relationship of trust with us—a relationship so intimate and secure that we can trust him completely, assured of his love.

Say good-bye to insecurity, doubt, shame, worry, anxiety, and the need to control as you walk deeper in your relationship with Jesus.

Download chapter one of You Belong to the Bridegroom.

"I have been participating in and leading women’s Bible studies for over a decade and I have never witnessed God transform lives and build intimacy between women more than when I led a group through You Belong to the Bridegroom. "

Mallory Russell
Small Group Facilitator


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