Become the Woman
God Created You to Be

Joseph lived a life full of trials, but his trials were merely stepping-stones God used to build his will in Jospeh's life and ultimately save thousands of lives. Like Joseph, you are created for a purpose beyond yourself. 

Sometimes our dreams have to fall to the ground to create a greater harvest. Discover that our God is a dream builder and reclaim the hope to dream again through the story of Joseph.

Press beyond life's challenges and move forward with God's dream for your life to become the woman God created you to be. 

Download chapter one of Dream Builder. 

"Aliene has done a phenomenal job with this study on the life of Joseph. The teaching itself is biblically grounded, culturally relevant, and immediately applicable. I've personally heard numerous stories of God's changing power in the lives of women who went through it. As a Pastor of Education in a large church and diverse congregation, I can honestly say this study will stand the test of time. "

Chase Gardner
Former Pastor of Education, Hope Community Church


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